Free Everstryke Perma match you can use it anywhere even if it's wet

The Bucks Party Adventure

About 3 months ago I had my bucks party.  Some of my friends are a little bit crazy so I couldn't

have the standard night on the town bucks party because I knew it would end badly for one or all of them.

So we went camping which was great. I'm pretty organized so I gave each of my friends a specific item's to bring to make sure it was a successful event.

The problem

I asked one guy to bring the matches and naturally he forget them.  Another person bought matches as well and they got wet and they were as useful as toothpicks when it came to lighting a fire.

Luckily for me I had stumbled upon a site that was giving away a free everstryke match.  All I had to do was pay for postage I picked it up one late night of google browsing popped it on my key ring and had forgotten all about it until this moment.

Low and behold we had fire

I used my little everstyke match to light fire for the next 3 days while we were camping everyone was super impressed so I decided to write this blog post about it as well as offer the link where you could get yours as well.

You can grab yours here

What is an everstryke match?

Well the Free Everstryke match that your about to pickup is from a site called

They are the largest survival site in the market.  Your free everstryke match   will be a water proof perma match that is practically indestructible.   It will easily fit in a purse a pocket or a attach to a keychain. This will mean that you will have it on you at all times  in case of an emergency.

PLEASE NOTE:  You must be 18 or older to purchase this item. The EverStryke Match is a powerful lighter and should be handled with care. The bearer of Everstryke Match accepts all responsibility for their use or misuse. We will not be responsible for any injuries or damages.

Sounds Pretty awesome getting $15 everstryke match totally FREE yeah.......

What Else Do I Get?

  • Contains everything you need: It has a Ferro rod and wick it has all you need to start a fire.
  • The rod gets super hot burns strikes a 3000 degrees and burns at 600 degrees.
  • The rod is very durable each rod has the potential for 15000 strikes.
  • lights rain hail or shine because of it's powerful striking power.
  • No skill needed to create fire with this powerful tool in your hand anymore.
  •  You get an Ultimate Survival Skills book FREE.
  • You get a free survival class totally free.

Pick up your Free Everstryke Perma Match

free everstryke perma match

To get your Free Everstryke Perma match -CLICK HERE- postage isn't included.

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