How to start a fire with a water bottle


How to start a a fire with a water bottle you may deem this operation to being close to impossible, you can actually start a fire without the use of a matchstick but by using a water bottle. Life is all about being ready for the unexpected therefore you may find yourself in certain situations where you will require to employ your creativity so as to come up with fast and efficient solutions. For instance you are lost in a forest or you are in a camp somewhere and it reaches nightfall. You require to cook some food and also provide some lighting so as to scare the dangerous wild animals. You then realize that no one has a matchstick or lighter. What do you do? Do not just sit there and wait for a rescuer or a passerby whereas you could have dealt with the situation long before even anyone you were with realizes that there is no matchbox. Being creative is one aspect in life that will always bring along its rewards. In line with these is that you have to be equipped with the necessary knowledge on various issues so that you can be able to tackle even the toughest situations in life. Below is an easy to follow guide that will help you to practice on how o light a fire with the use of a water bottle.

The following are the two simple items that you will require for the action to be successful.

1.Paper sheets.

Ensure that the sheets of paper that you use are dry so as to make it more efficient and quick while lighting the fire. It is mostly advisable that you use some computer paper as it contains a black surface. However if you do not have a computer paper with you ensure that the sheet of paper you use is mostly black in color. This is not to mean that the colorless sheets of papers will not light. They will, but it will be easier with the black colored papers since the color black is a good heat absorber. You can also stain the white sheets of paper on a dirty surface so as to make them have a black color. Also ensure that they cover a wide surface area so that they can be able to absorb more heat.

2.Plastic bottle.

Ensure that you acquire plastic bottle that is colorless and fill it with water. In this case do not consider the size of the bottle as long as it can be able to hold some amount of water. Water is the main reason behind the magnification of light into heat.
Once you have acquired the two items below ensure that there is some amount of heat from the sun and that you can be able to access it maximal without any obstructions. Stay in an area that is clear from any cultivation or trees then follow the steps below.

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STEP 1. (how to start a fire with a water bottle)

Ensure that the black sheet of paper that you acquired is folded such that the area that is exposed to the sun is maximum. Place the remaining pieces of paper below the folded one and ensure that they are well divided into smaller pieces.
STEP 2. (how to start a fire with a water bottle)
Remove the label of the plastic bottle and have it filled with water. Any plastic bottle has a convex side which is very efficient in acting as a magnifier. Ensure that you have placed the convex side of the bottle facing the sun rays. You can establish the convex side of the plastic bottle by taking a peep through the same and establish the area in which the bottle appears to be magnifying the image at the front.

STEP 3 (how to start a fire with a water bottle)

This is a step that requires your utmost focus and attention. You have to be steady while doing this so as not to waste much of our time trying to establish a flame. Focus the other side of the bottle on the folded black sheet of paper while the convex side is focused on the sun. Do not be impatient as at first you will experience smoke from the same until a hole appears through the folded paper.
Once you have a hole from the folded sheet, place it closely to the rest of the smaller sheets of paper while still maintaining the position of the water bottle. With lots of smoke you can now blow using your mouth and within a jiffy the fire is established.

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