how to start a fire with an orange

How to start a fire with an orange


For the campers and those individuals who are out there yearning for sustenance experiences, you can actually try out starting a fire using orange peels. The use of the minimal tools that we have is very efficient and will ensure that we have maximized our potential to the fullest. Many of us know of only one source of fire which is a match box or lighter and will do nothing in the case that they find that they require a fire to be started but have got none of the above then all they will do is sit down and wait for help. Many campers love the joy of doing something that is different from the ordinary and for this reason you will love this guide on the steps that you can follow to come up with fire with only the use of orange peels.

1.Preparation of the orange peels(How to start a fire with an orange)

Using a sharp knife, cut out the peels of the orange carefully and ensure that you only cut off the outer parts of the peels. An orange peel that contains some parts of the orange will not be efficient as it will take a longer period of time for it to dry up. Do not throw away the orange as it can be used for other purposes such as eating or making juice.  To learn how to start a fire with a water bottle click here

2.Drying up the orange peels.(how to start a fire with an orange)

Ensure that you expose the orange peels to an amount of heat that will enable them to be dry and become crunchy. It is not necessarily that you stick to one method of drying the same. There are various methods that you can use to dry the peels:
-You can use a heater to dry the pills. Place them carefully on the same and induce some amount of heat on the same. Do not be in a hurry and try to induce lots of heat as this may result into the orange peels getting burnt completely. Also ensure that there are no flammable items near the source of heat.
You can also place the peels on a baking drill. Place the drill on a source of heat and ensure that you minimize the distance between the drill and the fire. For the peels to dry completely you can leave them on same drill for 12 hours.
Another way in which you can dry the orange pills is by placing them in a drying machine. However, this is not very advisable for efficient results.
If you are not viable with all of the above methods then you can simply place the pills out in the sun for them to dry up.

3.Storage of the peels.(how to start a fire with an orange)

Peels that are well dried will produce a crackling sound once they are handled. You can thus establish if you have completely eradicated the moisture in them by feeling the texture of the same.
Once they are dried up ensure that you place the peels in a brown paper bag. You can also add the silica gel that is widely used to absorb the excess moisture that might have been left out while drying the same. With minimum moisture the likelihood of the peels lighting within a short instance is very high.
Also ensure that you place the peels far away from the areas where they may be exposed to any moisture whatsoever. –To learn how to start a fire with a bow drill Click Here

3.Lighting( How to start a fire with an orange)

For the lighting of the peels. Take them out in the sun and arrange them in a triangular shape. Ensure that you have placed them on dry ground and surround them with small pieces of papers or dry gas.
To light up the flame introduce lots of friction at the center of the shape that you have created. You can achieve this by constantly spinning a dry stick over and over again. Ensure that the wood you use is completely dry so that the flame will be produced within a short period of time. At first you will notice the presence of smoke due to vigorous friction. Once there is a good amount of smoke then you can blow below the area of friction so as to come up with a sparkle that will produce a flame. Most of us are impatient with this activity since it may be tiring at some time but remember that once you have followed the steps above correctly you will come up with a flame from orange peels.

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